1 Eylül 2009 Salı

Having realized the facts..

I want to write something about myself.. Life teaches us new new things.. Some of them are not so important,maybe..However, there were so many events happened in my life that I just watched, I observed my LIFE passively..
Why I am so honest? Why I think that all people are like me? Why I changed my character for somebody else? Now, I think and look back and I am very angry! angry to myself!
What does it mean that not having got to know sb for some years?
Congratulations miss!
Maybe, it is not in this way! I have realized some of things but I passed over..I always thought that maybe they could be changed! But I deceived myself!
An unexpected time came and I saw all the facts! All the things were very clear!
The more worse thing is that after some time passes, people want to behave me as if no sad events occured!
HOWEVER, I did realized the facts, maybe a little late but I did! I wont allow you to hurt me again!
My ears are closed these lies! But thank you for opening my eyes and makin me awake!

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